How April Snow Brought Us Together

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From 5 years old to 13 years old my family moved four times. Yet, it was all within the same state and sometimes within the same town. I don’t remember much of the packing/moving process; I was a child along for the adventure.

When I relocated to North Carolina from Arizona 12 years ago, my only possessions were two dogs and a car trunk full of clothes, kitchen pots and pans and, of course, this masterpiece.  😉

My not then husband, Roger, was in a similar boat when he pulled into town a couple of years before me. He piled his possessions in the back of his pick up truck and made the 11 hour drive up from Georgia.

We had no idea what was around the corner waiting for us. We had no idea our paths would come together. We were both starting new jobs. He knew two people (old friends from GA) in town when he arrived. I knew no one. With my new job working for a printing company, I had the benefit of living anywhere in the state of North Carolina or Virginia.  I pulled out a map.

Everyone who knew anything about NC said I should live in Asheville. But, there was problem with that plan, when I was making the long drive from AZ to NC in April…it was snowing in Asheville.  Sorry, my car doesn’t know how to stop any place where white stuff falls from the sky in April. 🙂  So, I  hit the gas and kept driving. My second choice was a town near the coast. I chose the town simply because it had pretty sounding name, Elizabeth City.

Around the time I pulled into town, Roger was thinking of leaving town. His plan was to only stay a couple of years as he transitioned from years of being in the music business to focusing more on computers and the software world.

I love the story he shared with me shortly after we started dating. One night he walked down to the waterfront and he conversed with the Lord. What am I still doing here?  He was 38 years old, still single, and living in a small town down the road from Elizabeth City, a town populated predominantly with retired folks or married couples with kids.

Around that same season, I was out for a walk too. As I walked my two dogs along a totally separate waterfront in Elizabeth City, I thanked the Lord for bringing me through so much. I was a divorced woman and had recently turned an addiction completely over to Him. Thank you for bringing me here, Lord. I don’t know what’s around the corner and that’s okay.  I know there might be days of feeling lonely…but I know I will never be alone. You’ll be walking with me.


Tomorrow morning, 12 years after he planned to leave, my husband will pack up his truck again (yes, the same truck) with some clothes, his guitar, his keyboard, and his computer. He will make the drive back to Georgia to begin a new job. He will fly back in a month after school lets out for the year to help finish packing up his family.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing our two paths together.  And, thank you, for snow in April.

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