How much grace is enough?

I was pondering the idea of grace. Sometimes, I think I am guilty of being stingy with the grace that I am called to extend to others. If I am really honest with myself, I often withhold grace. I give enough to make me feel like I am extending grace…but I often hold a little back too.

It’s almost like a part of me fears that I will give too much grace to someone. A part of me still holds onto the idea that the receiver needs to somehow earn another dose of grace before I can continue being gracious. BUT, that is not grace at all. Grace is an undeserved, unmerited, no-strings-attached gift.

How much grace should we extend to others?

Tonight I came to the conclusion that if uncertain about how you should answer the above question…one should always answer more. When I get to the end of my life, I will most likely discover that I didn’t do this thing called “extending grace” perfectly… that I made a lot of mistakes in the process.

However, I would much rather err on the side of too much grace. If I discover that I was wrong on how much grace I should have extended to others while journeying through this life, then I would rather be having this conversation with my Heavenly Father (the ultimate grace giver) than the alternative… well Eileen…

you were too forgiving

you were too accepting

you were too merciful

6 thoughts on “How much grace is enough?

  1. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Wonderful post Eileen, and something I think we all struggle with upon occasion. Your statement about Grace : "Grace is an undeserved, unmerited, no-strings-attached gift." is a very apt point, and one I'll be thinking about today. We all need to find more ways to show Grace to others as God has freely given to us.

    Have a Blessed Weekend!

  2. Eileen

    Phil- yep, constantly have to remind myself of the definition of grace. A free gift shouldn't come with conditions. Easy to say…harder to live out.

    Mike- sorry about that. I got a little teary eyed writing it too. Putting it in writing always makes me realize just how much I fall short. Thankful for the One who never does. 🙂

  3. Thealitybites

    The one thing I've discovered about erring on the side of too much grace is, you can never err on the side of too much grace. And just when I think that I've nothing left to give, God reminds me that all grace comes from him anyway, and I find I can give a little bit more.

    Lovely thoughts, Eileen.

  4. Amy Nabors

    Yes definitely something I struggle with as well. It's a battle sometimes really especially if it means extending that grace to someone who has hurt me over and over. But God continually extends me grace over and over. Great post.


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