IGot A Fever…

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I got a fever, and the only prescription is…is…MORE SOCCER!

Soccer fever has hit our house….more so than usual.  For those of you who are not soccer fans, it’s World Cup time. There have been three or four games on most everyday. We’ve watched some of these games in their entirety while others we’ve caught only a portion.

During the weeks leading up to the World Cup, my family and I would watch a weekly show that followed the US team as they prepared for this once every four years experience.  I came to really enjoy this show and looked forward to watching it.  In fact, I knew I was hooked, when we arrived home one night and before I took our dog out for her walk, I told my husband and son to not start watching the recorded episode without me.

During this show, members of the US soccer team would often be interviewed and we would get to hear pieces of their journey.  My interest in this show reminded me that nothing captivates us like hearing another person’s story.

Now, when the players are running up and down the soccer field, I know who they are. Their names, their faces, and their stories are familiar to me.  I like that.  I connect better with folks if I’m familiar with their back story.  It takes cheering and rooting for these young men to a whole other level.  You don’t just cheer because they are wearing the US jersey, you also cheer because you’ve had the opportunity to hear a piece of their story.

As I thought more about this, I couldn’t help but compare this to how we should interact with the folks who cross our path in everyday life.  I was reminded of the importance of taking the time to listen to a person’s story. That’s when we discover who they are. That’s the key to taking our relationships to a whole new level.  We take time to listen to their dreams, their life time goals, and their hardest defeats. We hear…and there’s this part of us that can relate to the “humanness” of it all.  It resonates with us.

Once we know someone’s story, our “care factor” inevitably goes up.  We root louder and more enthusiastically when they make a good shot and we feel deeply for them when they stumble or make a mistake.

This week’s challenge for you and for me:  Take time to hear someone’s story…their victories, their regrets, and their dreams.  Take the relationship to the next level so when you see them out their in the game, running up and down the field of life, you’ll cheer even louder for them!

4 thoughts on “IGot A Fever…

  1. Betty

    We have the world cup on tv right now as I type a comment. Great anology Eileen on on purpose listening to others stories. It’s when we really listen our hearts get touched through them and everyone loves to be listened to. Now back to soccer.


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