Into the Beautiful~ Hippy What?

My son has recently taken up skateboarding.   He is slowly learning how to stay on the board and steer the board with his feet.  Over the past several weeks we’ve visited a couple of local skate parks where he has cautiously been testing out some of the small ramps by going half way up and then coming back down.

My son has also been educating me on all the cool skateboard lingo…hippy jump, ollie, kickflip, grind, rock and roll, 360, 1080…

It occurred to me as I sat and watched my son embark on this new journey that skateboarding is a great reminder to me how it sometimes feels when we choose to leave our comfort zones and roll down unfamiliar paths.

We are shaky, unsteady, unsure

We make it part way up new and challenging roads and sometimes timidly retreat

We fall down a few times.

We sometimes throw our hands up when the board of life flies out from under us and leaves us behind

we keep dreaming, keep learning, keep venturing

it’s beautiful and irresistible

Sean’s first successful ramp HERE

Inspiring video of 12 year old, Tom Scharr, who accomplished the first ever skateboarding 1080

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10 thoughts on “Into the Beautiful~ Hippy What?

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    If I fell like that I would be learning a lot of new words also. 🙂 Seriously, good advice Eileen. It is always good to learn something new. one question though: no elbow or knee pads? Glad to see a helmet. course when he gets real hardcore those sandals will go also.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Bill, he hasn’t quite made it high enough off the ground yet for all the pads. But,it’s on the shopping list for next visit to Walmart!

  2. Jim

    I really enjoyed this Eileen! Great pictures. I found this very inspiring!!! Thanks for the encouragement to KEEP going. I needed it. Thanks!!!!!!!

  3. Kristin

    I know all about leaving comfort zones. . .sometimes you want a helmet and a bodysuit on. . .but that suit of armour. . .works really well if you put it on;)
    Getting on a skateboard? That’s one time I’ll stay in my comfort zone of both feet on the ground:)


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