Into The Beautiful~ Meet the Bobble Heads

I’ll write the book on your righteousness, talk up your salvation the livelong day, never run out of good things to write or say. I come in the power of the Lord God, I post signs marking his right-of-way. Psalm 71:12 MSG

What a great translation of this verse. I smile just reading it. David had a message worth getting excited about. Anytime I come across Psalms where David is essentially saying, “I am so stinkin’ excited I am going to tell everyone I know the news!” it resonates with me. Once something impacts your life and completely changes it, the last thing you want to do is keep your mouth shut.

I remember this occurring when my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby. We were just going to tell close family…and maybe a few close friends…oh, heck, the lady behind me at the grocery store should know too! Within a few days, the news had been shared with everyone we knew. Why? Because good news begs to be shared.

And, like David’s enthusiasm in so many instances throughout Scripture…The Good News begs to be shared too.

My son recently discovered this song by Toby Mac, Me Without You. He loves it. I sort of kind of like it too, or at least my neck likes it. The song puts a smile on my face and for some reason I can’t listen to it without my neck wanting to make some crazy bobble head movements. I just want to move with the good news, no matter how silly I might look.

I dare you to listen to this song and not get jiggy with it.

The other day when the song came on the radio again and my head started bobbing around uncontrollably, it made me think of King David dancing undignified in the streets. He didn’t care how silly he looked, he just wanted to dance for his King.

I want to dance for my King too!

We’re bobbleheads today…dancing our way Into the Beautiful. Come join in!  Make sure to visit one or two other blogs too.

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12 thoughts on “Into The Beautiful~ Meet the Bobble Heads

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    Had my grandson over the weekend and this song came on. I had never heard it because I don’t listen to radio but when it came on my daughter said he would disappointed because he loves it. (he was asleep). But will admit, this got my foot tapping. Thanks for the lift this am.


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