Into the Beautiful ~ One Crock Pot’s Journey

I have been holding on to my crock pot for sentimental reasons. It belonged to my mom. I only own a handful of things that belonged to her. My crock pot is over 20 years old and still works.

A couple of years ago the lid handle broke off and I super glued it back on. Last year, one of the handles on the side of the pot fell off. Since then, I have been managing just fine with my one-handled pot. The other night, while taking the lid off, the piece I mended a couple of years ago snapped off again.

I sighed. I guess it really is time for a new crock pot.  The other night, I carried my crock pot out to the trash. Yesterday, I purchased a new one.

My reluctance to toss my old and broken down looking pot to the curb reminded me of something: appearances are deceiving. We are quick to judge based solely on what our eyes can see.

If you were to have come to my house for dinner the other night and seen my pitiful looking crock pot you might have been tempted to think…Girl, you need a new crock pot!
And, there would be truth in your assumption.

But you don’t see the whole story.  You don’t see what I see.

I wonder if that’s the way it is with our Savior.  We look at His decision to come down to earth and we scratch our heads. Why in the world would He want to come down into this world and save a bunch of broken down, pitiful crock pots like us?

And God says…Yes, broken crock pots. But, you don’t see the whole story. You don’t see what I see.

I’m thankful God showed up offering us an eternal solution. His super glue never wears off!

We’re moving beyond the appearance of things and Into the Beautiful today. Grab the button and come join in!

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14 thoughts on “Into the Beautiful ~ One Crock Pot’s Journey

  1. Shelly Miller

    Such a great analogy Eileen. I often say this to my kids when they complain about the behaviour of their peers or teachers, there is so much more going on that we can’t see. Always a deeper story behind the circumstance. Lovely post, thanks for hosting the link-up.

  2. Phil D. Malmstrom

    What a great analogy Eileen… I absolutely love it when God places these “gems of truth” in our hearts through everyday events…

    And yes, I’m ever-thankful that God doesn’t see the “dilapidated crock pot” that I believe I am, but instead a beautiful, beloved child!

    Have a Blessed Day my friend!

  3. EvieJo

    This is such a wonderful analogy, the connection of the heart no matter what that crockpot looked like. And us filthy rags, old, used up but the connection of His heart is what made Him able to overlook the old used wretchedness of ourselves. Bless you, Eileen!

  4. Renee

    In my 31 days of honest series I wrote about my Mom’s electric skillet! We have common ground! I no doubt feel the same way you do–different appliance.

    Be Blessed.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Nice! I am making a note to go back and read your post. OR if you read this, could you link to it? Thanks!


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