Into the Beautiful~ The Balcony is Closed

Our small group has started reading the book Knowing God by JI Packer.  The book has been around forever but it’s one I’ve not picked up until now.

It begins by discussing two different groups of people, the balconeers and the travelers. The author goes on to point out that his book is geared toward the travelers.

I smiled when I read that. It made me think of the phrase “walk of faith”. The walk of faith is active…hence the word walk. It’s a decision the traveler makes to keep moving.

I think there’s good a reason the faith journey is referred to as a “walk of faith” and not “sit on your butt of faith.”  Answers don’t come while sitting on the sidelines…or on the balcony.  Answers come when we choose to actively and openly engage in the journey.

Yes, we might have unanswered questions. Yes,we might have doubts. But, we shouldn’t opt out of the journey simply because questions and doubts exist.

Why?  Because revelation comes while we are en route to the destination.

I sometimes see my walk of faith much like the way I see my writing journey. Progress and growth are discovered as I journey down the road.

I can think all morning about writing this post but I won’t make any progress unless I open my laptop and start typing.

It’s the same with my faith. I can think about living out what I believe.  I can think about getting to know this guy named Jesus but unless I take active steps I won’t make any progress.  I’m just a girl sitting on a balcony.

Now you’ve got my feet on the life path,
all radiant from the shining of your face.
Ever since you took my hand,
I’m on the right way.
Ps:16:11 Message

Today, we’re stepping down from the balcony. Today, we’re heading up the beautiful road.  Grab the button and come join in!

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10 thoughts on “Into the Beautiful~ The Balcony is Closed

  1. EvieJo

    I will have to get this book. I have heard of it but have not read it. What I was thinking as I was reading your post was that when we are sitting on the balcony we have lots and lots of companions but when traveling, it can get get a little lonely because the traveling will quite often be solitary, even by being a little ahead or a little behind our chosen companions. It is in the traveling that we really have to rely on Him instead of people, isn’t it?

  2. Tracy

    Hi Eileen, time to take that step of faith. Great point! Although sometimes the view from the balcony…. lol, only kidding
    God bless

  3. Laura Rath

    “Answers come when we choose to actively and openly engage in the journey.” I agree! And here’s another thought…if we’re sitting on the sidelines and not taking the time and making the effort to know God, He may speak and we won’t even know it, because we don’t know Him or His Voice. When God speaks to me, I want to be able to recognize His Voice and not miss a single Word! 🙂


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