Is That a Jar of Mayonnaise Under Your Tree?

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I had a weird dream last night. I can only attribute it to the lengthy discussions I was part of last night at small group.  At church on Sunday, we’ve been looking at Proverbs.  The topic has focused around how making just a one degree shift can result in a huge change of course in our lives. Last week the message was about gaining clarity and the best way to go about discovering the wise paths to travel.

One suggestion last Sunday (and one we talked about extensively at small group last night) was the need to move from asking  “What’s wrong with it?  to “Where could it lead?”

Which leads to the crazy dream I had last night.

In my dream, I kept a jar of mayonnaise conveniently stored under the tree in my front yard. I was outside standing next to this jar of mayonnaise when my neighbors show up to get into their car.  Another strange point, my neighbor’s car was parked in the grass in my front yard. That detail didn’t seem the least bit odd to me.  As they walked over to get in their car, I commented to them…”I’m not sure why I keep my mayonnaise out here.”  They laughed and dismissed it like it was no big deal.

The dream ended with me thinking about why I felt the need to store my jar of mayonnaise under a tree in my front yard.

So let’s apply these questions to my dream.

What’s wrong with it?  Well, I guess the level of “wrongness” depends on whether or not the jar has already been opened.  If it’s unopened, and I was just letting the jar of mayonnaise get a few minutes of summertime Georgia sun then, yes, it’s still weird, but not as weird as storing an already open jar of mayonnaise outside.

Also, keeping a jar of mayonnaise outside might seem weird, but suppose I have no intentions on using it.  It’s just resting there. Then, it’s not as weird as it could be. Maybe, I’m using it like a lawn ornament, like one of those colorful pin wheels or garden balls folks place in their yards.  Maybe the dream me is trying to think progressively and attempting to start a new lawn ornament trend.

Where could it lead?  Now, this is a good question.  If the seal on that jar of mayonnaise is already broken and I plan on using it on my ham sandwich sometime in the future…then do I even need to tell you where that will lead?  (I’m thinking either a long toilet hugging session or a trip to the emergency room.)  Or, let’s think of a little happier, yet slightly less likely outcome. If the dream me has no plans on using the mayonnaise and my only motive is to start a new lawn ornament trend, then jars of mayonnaise might start cropping up all over the neighborhood.

So, in conclusion, if jars of mayonnaise start appearing in yards near you…you will now know where the brilliant idea first originated. 😉


Putting jars of mayonnaise in front yard might lead to starting a new lawn ornament trend= bad, bad outcome.

Putting jars of mayonnaise in front yard and then using said mayonnaise on your ham sandwich might lead to trip to emergency room= bad, bad, BAD outcome.

Tip (Proverb) for today:  Storing your jar of mayonnaise under a tree in your front yard will most likely not lead any place good…best to keep it in the fridge.


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