It Takes Faith


“My troubles turned out all for the best; they forced me to learn from your textbook.” Psalm 119:71

I read this verse this morning and was reminded of a conversation I had earlier in the week at lunch. I mentioned to my lunch date how I had made many wrong turns before arriving on the path God wanted me to be on.

I still marvel at the fact that God finds a way to use the bad to teach us dependency on Him. He not only uses our stubborn detours but He also uses those painful seasons, the ones completely out of our control, to remind us and to teach us that we are in a constant state of dependency.

As I thought more about this cycle of redemption, I was reminded of how hard it is to see this lesson when you happen to be walking through the middle of hell. When the “why” questions threaten to become louder than God’s “trust Me I’ve got you” invitation, faith must work double duty in our hearts and in our minds. It must become a conscious and deliberate decision to trust and surrender over and over and over.

It takes faith to come back to the God you think has failed you…to come back and be still long enough to listen.

It takes faith to trust and to put your day-to-day life in the care of invisible hands.

It takes faith to open a Book that is thousands of years old and believe there are promises and truths tucked away in it that still apply perfectly to your current situation.

It takes faith.

And yet, when you witness God take your mustard seed of faith and run with it…there is no denying.

Sometimes, there are days, I wonder if I will ever stop relating so much to the father who told Jesus…”I do believe. Help my disbelief!” Mark 9:24

And then I remember, it’s in that moment, when Jesus does His best work!

Show off today, Jesus, and give us eyes to see it.

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