It Was Because of Me!

I love how kids think. Sometimes I so understand why Jesus told us that we should have a child-like faith. On they way home from school yesterday my son and I started talking about the cake we will be making for Jesus on his birthday. I mentioned I had found some sprinkles at Walmart especially for the cake. He was almost as excited as I was about this!

Then he said, “Mom, I think before we eat the cake we each need to pray and thank God for Christmas.”

I told him I thought that was a great idea and I had been thinking we could sing “Happy Birthday” but that I liked his idea so much better. Then I told him about a song my mom wrote when I was I child. It was a birthday song to Jesus and she sung it one Sunday morning at church when I was a teenager. All the little kids came up and sat around the stage and my mom, with guitar in hand, strummed out this song:

Happy Birthday, Jesus
Have a lovely day today
And all along your way
May bells be ringing.

Happy Birthday, Jesus
And because you smile on me
So all awhile to thee
My heart is singing

Today I hear your children praying
And in my heart I know what they’re saying-

Happy Birthday, Jesus
Have a lovely day today
I wish the world could stay
Forever singing

Every Christmas, I think about my mom and the songs she wrote. I am so thankful to have these memories of her. I am so thankful that I can remember them and sing them to my son, just like my mom used to sing them to me. One of my favorite songs she wrote and I can still remember was another Christmas song called It Was Because of Me. I know you can’t hear it through this post but I am singing it to y’all!

Shepherds saw a star shining in the sky
Heard the angels singing a lullaby
In a lowly stable one wondrous night
Shepherds saw the perfect light

Jesus, I love you so
And I know why you came
It was because of me

Little baby lying in a manager there
Did you ever see a baby look so fair?
Little star whose light is shining everywhere
Little one, hear my prayer

Jesus, I love you so
And I know why you came
It was because of me

Jesus was a baby and so was I
Jesus was a little child and so am I
Jesus loved to laugh and play and so do I
Jesus loved and so will I

Jesus, I love you so
And I know why you came
It was because of Me

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