It’s not just a really old book

You know what I love about God’s Word? I love when it becomes real. I love how a word or passage I come across will find its way into my heart. God’s Word has the ability to change me, challenge me, inspire me, comfort me and encourage me. It’s the best “self-help” book out there!

During my early adult life, I went years with the Bible just taking up space on my bookshelf or buried somewhere in my bedside table. Only after all the other roads I ventured down led me to disappointment and only after all the things I thought would bring real happiness turned out to be fleeting, temporary quick fixes, did I take it out again and dust it off. I wanted more. I was tired of settling.

I remember the first few times the Bible became more than just a really old book that Christians sometimes read because it’s the “right” thing to do. I was sitting on my back porch and reading the Psalms. Every time I came across a Psalm where David would confess his despair, I could relate. I was in that pit with him and he was talking to me. Every time David talked about this God in his life that reached down and rescued him, he gave me hope. Perhaps, this God, could do the same for me.

I remember coming across Paul’s words in Romans 7: 15-25, when he expresses his tug of war battle with sin in his life. I could actually hear the torment in his voice when I read through those passages. I was there, pulling on the rope too. And at the end of the passage when he realizes what the solution is to this sin problem in his life, his words filled me, once again, with hope. “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God- through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

I remember coming across stories of Peter. He walked on water with Jesus and then turned around and denied he even knew such a man! It seems so unbelievable and yet today, I am tempted every day through my actions and my words to deny Christ. Everyday I struggle with being able to courageously stand up for the One who took my place on the cross.

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