Jesus Shirts and a Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, I won this nice Olivetee from my friend, Jenifer, who blogs over at Sweet Blessings and Woman To Woman Ministries.

Survivor I can do all things through Him who gives me strength Phil 4:13

I discovered something yesterday while standing in the Food Lion checkout line.

Wearing a shirt with a bible verse on the front of it is even scarier than driving around with a fish on your bumper.  (Which might be one reason I am reluctant to put a fish on my bumper.)

Seriously, I was gently reminded a number of times yesterday  that the wise thing for me to do would be to lose the poor attitude and choose patience, grace, and love instead.  Unfortunately, sometimes it wasn’t until after I reacted without thinking.

That person is really annoying me…



chill, Eileen, you’re wearing a Jesus shirt.


I think I might need one of these shirts for every day of the week.

So, I just ordered this one.

Hope…in Him and renew strength

However, since I’m all about passing along hope here on The Scenic Route, I thought I would pass this HOPE shirt on to one lucky commenter as soon as I receive it in the mail!

Are you in need of a little Jesus Hope on your shirt?

Do you have a friend or a spouse who needs to clothe themselves in a little bit of hope this Spring?

Leave a comment and let me know.

This giveaway will be open until Easter Sunday…when we celebrate the day our Hope came back to life!

Linking up with Tracy today for Winsome Wednesday

35 thoughts on “Jesus Shirts and a Giveaway!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Goodness, Jon. It’s amazing what a reminder it’s been to me that I am in serious need of His grace every moment of every day.

  1. Anne

    My daughter wears “opinionated” Tshirts, although they’re usually the type that lets you know she has an attitude and your only option is to “deal with it.” I haven’t been much of a slogan Tshirt person, having the preference for music: Woodstock, LedZeppelin, Beatles or organizations: SPCA, GirlsInc., Food Bank, NASA, etc. I guess that is very much in line with my aversion to any type of conflict, i.e.; don’t bring attention to yourself!

      1. Anne

        Hope is a good word for the verse that I took on for this week: All things are possible to HER who believes…Mark 9:23

  2. Lisa

    Wearing a t-shirt with a Christian message is a good reminder to us that people are always watching. Great encouragement, Eileen and a fun giveaway!

    Many blessings!

  3. Karen

    I absolutely LOVE the first t-shirt too.. I would totally wear them both.. I would love to win it too 🙂 I am not a t-shirt girl, and what a way to move into wearing a t-shirt to weak GOD on my heart!! awesome 🙂

  4. Loretta

    Hope. Survivor. I am going to have to look up Olive Tees, for I like them both. Right now I would wear the Hope t-shirt and give one to my daughter in law. I am hoping a son will come to know Christ without doubting and questioning. And Angie is having a hard time with all of Chris’ underways and the up coming deployment which right now they are saying is going to be longer then they thought! 🙁

  5. Jenifer

    Awesome! Love it! I saw an email going around once. It was long but the idea of it was a woman was pulled over by an officer and when she asked why he said he assumed the car was stolen. Being shocked she asked why he would think that. He said that she had some road rage and was flipping people off and had Christian bumper stickers. He knew that no Christian would act that way therefore thinking the car was stolen. We must be a witness, but we have to remember that people are watching how we act and what we say. Excellent post and fun giveaway! 🙂

  6. Debbie Moody

    I love the Pink HOPE T-shirt!
    Please do not enter me into the drawing though, I will step back and let someone else win it. I have been asked what I’d like for Mother’s Day this year, and I think this will make the perfect addition to my “Survivor” collection! God is so good and I will wear this proudly!
    Thank you Jenifer for leading me to this site..It’s wonderful!

      1. Debbie Moody

        Absolutely! I am a three-time Cancer Survivor and I owe all I have in life to the this shirt truly speaks in several ways to me 🙂 Thank you for your kind offer! Blessings.

  7. Sandi (Olivetee)

    Oh my gosh Eileen! This is so awesome! This is EXACTLY what my shirts are about – encouraging Christ-like behavior so we can lead by example! Thank you, thank you for passing this on. You are such a blessing!!!

  8. Kandi


    I have a Jesus shirt that I got at the women of faith conference, whenever I wear it it stretches me in all sorts of directions, it reminds me that the world is watching. I am going to hve to check out these t-shirts, I too may need one for everyday of the week.


  9. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – so true that if we wear our hearts on the outside if kind of helps us to live it too. And put ourselves in line for critism every now and then. Great reminder too, to behave as Jesus would have us behave. Love seeing you on the linky. Have an awesome Easter weekend as we remember Christ and His sacrifice for us.
    God bless

    1. Eileen Post author

      Hope you have a beautiful, Easter too! Remember, the SON will rise first down there!! 😉

  10. Jenny

    I’m not afraid if wearing a message t shirt. Sometimes it just easier to wear a billboard on myself expressing myself than to walk up to someone and reveal who I am. Often, a message of Hope is a message that people need, and seeing That message on a random shirt in the grocery store is sure to make someone smile. I am headed over to the Olive to see if there is a “chosen” shirt.

  11. Debi Baker

    Love these shirts. Like Anne (above), my youngest daughter used to wear those ‘opinionated’ shirts, too. And, she was pretty much telling the world…I’m me, get over it! She doesn’t wear them much any more…she IS 25…so hopefully, she has outgrown that attitude! lol

    Anyway, love the shirts…where does my daughter (Jenifer) find these sights!?

    Have a great Easter & God bless!

  12. Eileen Post author

    Happy Easter, Everyone!! I placed all your names in a bowl this morning and my son randomly picked one out.. Drum roll……Loretta the hope shirt is yours!

      1. Eileen Post author

        Oh Sandi! That’s really sweet of you but I just go the one I ordered last week this past Saturday (you guys ship so quickly!) I was going to pass that one on to her! If it’s the wrong size can she exchange it?


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