Kashi, Clocks, and the Land In-Between

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It’s the little things.

We often say this when we find joy or gratitude in a seemingly small event or action. The other day, my husband and I decided to become Costco members. This is the first time in 12 years we’ve lived so close to one. Over time, we believe the fees we paid to belong to one will be made up in the money we save buying in bulk.

As I walked up and down the aisles trying not to become overwhelmed by all the choices, I came across the cereal aisle. I paused and looked at the options.  Kashi.  Three memories popped into my mind as I selected this bulk size box of cereal.  Sophie, airplane, Dominican Republic (DR).

The first time I ever ate Kashi was while sitting on an airplane next to my friend, Sophie. I was headed back to the DR with the mission team from the church I attended back in North Carolina. I can still see us sitting there on the plane, 30,000 feet in the air, somewhere between home and the DR.  I can still see my friend with that bag of cereal. I can still remember her asking me if I wanted any.  Sure…I’ve never had it before.

It’s crazy the things we remember, isn’t it?

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of The In-Between. It’s a new book coming out next week by Jeff Goins. You might recall me sharing with you last year about his first book Wrecked. The ideas Jeff talks about in his newest book are ones that deeply resonate with me. As he illustrates beautifully in his book, it’s the moments of waiting that end up meaning the most and end up shaping and growing us the most.

As I read his book, I kept recalling one moment in time. It was a moment I shared with a little girl in the DR as our team sat in a dark house and waited for the downpour of rain to let up so we could attend church. Here are the original words I wrote about the moment:

I learned at one point on the trip to simply “be still”. One team member actually challenged us earlier in the week to do this and I was faced with the opportunity when pouring rain came and we were forced to be still in Pastor Morales’ house waiting for the rain to let up. At first, I was so uncomfortable. How were we going to fill the time? I learned that despite a language barrier, I shared some very precious moments with a little girl just by being still for a while. Laughter is the same in every language.

There’s an expression we learned down in the DR… “Dominican time.” The Dominican people are not so hung up on watching the clock. For me, someone who tends to like clocks and punctuality, this was the weirdest thing to experience. Yet, I absolutely loved it!  Each time I traveled to the DR, I was forced to live more in the moment instead of always looking ahead to the next moment. It was beautiful!

At times, it’s still a struggle for me to live in the moment and to embrace the wait. Yet when I do, I never regret it.  And my life becomes that much richer because of it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go fill up my coffee mug and pour myself a big bowl of Kashi!

Please take moment and check out this great trailer for Jeff’s new book The In-Between and find out more details on how to order your copy.

7 thoughts on “Kashi, Clocks, and the Land In-Between

  1. Tammy Schaefer

    Eileen, thanks for this beautiful reminder to live in the moment. This continues to be a struggle of mine and it’s good to be reminded to “be still”. We really are more effective when we live in the moment.

  2. Carol Peterson

    Once again you and Jon Stolpe are in sync, quoting the same scripture on the same day. I love how God is at work in and between the 2 of you…

    Enjoy your Costco trips.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Yes, just visited Jon’s site. Love all the “Be” verses too. Seems to be a life long journey learning how to just be. 🙂

  3. mike gothard

    Wonderful post, Eileen.

    My brother drove back to Beaufort with me last Saturday for a few days. We had an adventure. I drove him to the airport in New Bern Wednesday. It’s funny you’re writing about the DR as I recounted this exact story to him on the drive to airport, focusing on how Pastor Morales brought us fresh milk he had gotten from a cow while we waited, my point being that I don’t try new things, meet new people, or go on new adventures very easily. I actually mentioned that I believed you had tried the milk. He said he can’t wait to meet you guys 🙂

    It was very, very difficult watching him walk through airport security to the gate. Though we were only separated by a glass wall, we just stood still and stared at each other for a while. Tears were literally streaming down my face as I stood still wishing he were staying or I was leaving.

    I’m forced to be still and wait now in a way I never have. But I will always remember that night in the DR in the cramped, dark living room of Pastor Morales’ home, being still and waiting for the rain to stop.

    1. Eileen Post author

      You know, I think I only tried a sip of the milk (someone else was brave enough I had a sip from their glass). I tend to have a hard time trying new things too. I have to intentionally decide to try new things…like at the sushi restaurant and there are 1000 choices! I can easily get caught in the comfortable rut.

      So glad you got to spend that time with you brother. Praying for you as you wait.

  4. Positively Alene

    Eileen — love this! It is amazing the little things we remember, right? And just like mentioned in the book — they rarely are the BIG things. Girl – I’m trying my hardest to slow and listen and be still!


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