Lessons From a Monster Mummy

Last weekend my son sketched out some characters that he wanted to design. We purchased some modeling clay and he went to work.  After he was done with the first creation, a monster mummy, we left it alone to dry.

The next morning my son was eager to paint his creation. However, I told him that the instructions told us to wait 2-3 days for the clay to dry before he painted it. He was a little disappointed but began to work on shaping another character instead.

Later that same evening my son began asking it he could paint his monster mummy.  I reminded him that it had not been two full days yet.

“But Mom,” he insisted “it feels hard enough and I really want to paint it.”

Honey,” I replied. “It’s your creation… so if you want to, go ahead.  I am just warning you. The instructions tell us to wait 2-3 days.”

My son made the choice to start painting. Everything seemed to be going along well until he reached the character’s arm.  When he began to paint one of them, the lower portion snapped off.

“Oh no”  I heard him say.

He was disappointed. (I do believe he learned a lesson too.)  The instructions are there for a reason.  As we sat there looking at the broken arm, we quickly came up with a solution.  His monster mummy was now a monster mummy who had recently been in a fight and unfortunately had lost an arm in battle…poor monster mummy.

This experience helped me to appreciate an important truth about our Creator.

Aren’t you glad that when we leave the shaping and molding task in the capable hands of our Potter, He knows the exact time for everything?  We will never see God rushing on to the next step…never

Of course, we sometimes like to step in and tell our Creator that it’s time to start the next step. 

It’s time to start painting the next piece, Lord.  What are you waiting for, Lord?  Can’t you see I’m set and I’m ready!

And yet, God is not pressured into rushing His artwork.  He has a specific time picked out for each and every step in our life.

Today, I want to remember this.

I want to be a monster Mommy who trusts her Creator to shape her into something beautiful and usable. 😉

We plan the way we want to live,
but only God makes us able to live it.
Proverbs 16:9 Message

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3 thoughts on “Lessons From a Monster Mummy

  1. Rachel @myheartsmission

    This is so beautiful Eileen. It made me think of the song- He makes all things beautiful in His time. A good reminder that God keeps His promises and His timing is perfect. Two very good reasons to rest in trust today. God bless you.

  2. Shari Miller

    I had never thought of our lives this way. I am always trying to rush when I shouldn’t. Maybe I will eventually learn. 😉 Thank you for this important lesson and for linking up. 🙂



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