Lessons From My First Ladybug Conference

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It’s been about six months since I officially became a Georgia resident.  Last week,  the strangest phenomena occurred that altered my long-held nothing but positive opinion of ladybugs.

It all started when I walked out on my front porch one afternoon last week.  It was a warm sunny day and I came across a ladybug meet-up.  Hundreds and hundreds of ladybug were congregated. I thought it was the coolest thing.  In all my 41 years, I had never seen more than two lady bugs flying around at a time.

I had no idea ladybugs went to ladybug conferences just like writers go to writing conferences.  I was fascinated by the sight.  I took pictures but they didn’t look very impressive since I couldn’t capture the entire scene in one shot.

A few minutes later I went back inside with  “ladybugs are so cool” thoughts still dancing through my brain.  But then everything changed.  When I looked up at one of the high windows in our living room, I saw a disturbing sight.  Apparently, my front porch was only the ladybug parking lot,. The real meeting was set to  take place inside my house!

At that moment, Elvis wasn’t the only one that left the building.  My strictly positive impression of ladybugs packed up their bags and left too.  My once held rule of  “you never kill a ladybug” went out the window over the next several days.  I had no idea something so cute could be such a huge nuisance too.

I do believe we have seen the last of our ladybug visitors for this year.  My husband got the ladder out this weekend and was able to reach the ones hanging up near the ceiling with the vacuum attachment.

This experience made me think of things in our life that start off good but eventually turn bad.  I thought about how our sometimes positive first impression can head south once we see a person or a situation in a different light.  For me, when that happens, it’s depressing.  I hate when I haven’t gauged a person’s character or a particular environment correctly.  Sometimes, a part of me feels deceived.  Sometimes, I want to kick myself for being naive.

Always be aware of your surroundings

I shared that advice with you not too long ago.  It’s a comment my husband makes to me anytime I leave to go on a trip by myself.  It’s good advice.

I was thinking about this advice this morning in the context of this ladybug lesson. We need to be aware those things in our life that might seem like a good thing but really aren’t when we take a closer look.  There’s no need to get paranoid about people and situations, but we really do need to take time to evaluate our relationships and our surroundings to make sure they really are what we think they are.

What about you?  Have you ever had to reevaluate long-held beliefs and choose differently?

6 thoughts on “Lessons From My First Ladybug Conference

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    I never liked ladybugs and that amplified several years ago in Ohio when we inundated with the orange ones that smelled like putrid whatever when you killed them or touched them. Nasty! They were everywhere. My view hasn’t changed one iota since then either. Join the Anti-ladybug Society.

    1. Eileen Post author

      You know, perhaps I’ve been living under a rock for 41 years! How is this my first experience with this “evil” little creature?!? 😉


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