Lessons in the Walmart Parking Lot


This is a sign in the parking lot of the Walmart I now go to on a regular basis. I finally remembered to snap a picture of it the other day. Don’t worry, I came to a complete stop when I did and I wasn’t holding up any enthusiastic Walmart shoppers eager to head into the building.

I love this sign. I need this sign.

This sign reminds me that there is a huge difference between simply stopping vs stopping and focusing. Each time I’ve seen this word FOCUS, I have to admit, it makes me more intentional and more aware of my surroundings.

On a side note, my husband would be so proud of me because he is always repeating this advice to me: “Always be aware of your surroundings”

In order to achieve that, we need focus.

This STOP and FOCUS sign is good advice whether we are trying to navigate through Walmart’s parking lot or navigating through life. I even came up with an acrostic on ways to make sure those brief stops we take are done wisely.

Fix your eyes and thoughts on the present moment
Opportunities are all around (don’t miss them!)
Calculate your next move (no, not in a calculating way but in a conscientious, intentional way!)
Use common sense
Step forward with confidence

Today, let’s remember that the stops and pauses in our life can actually be done more effectively and productively if we take that time to really focus.

7 thoughts on “Lessons in the Walmart Parking Lot

    1. bill (cycleguy)

      Hey Arny! Read you newest post and was unable to make comments. Then I scrolled down and read where you said no comments. Hope you are doing well. (Don’t even have your email to write to you). Good to see you around.

  1. Josh

    That’s an awesome lesson. My focus is something that I really struggle with. It seems like it doesn’t matter what I am doing if I see something shiny I get side tracked.

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