Let There Be Light

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I took our Christmas tree down and put away all the decorations on December 31.  That was 10 days ago. This morning, a funny thing happened.  I got up out of my bed and for a split second I thought about heading to the living room to turn the tree lights on.  Then I remembered.

The mistake made me smile and I thought to myself. Lord, it’s been 10 days since that routine came to an end but I still want to turn the lights on.  And then immediately after that thought I had this one…but will I still make the mistake 100 days from now?  

The answer is no.  I’m pretty certain I won’t be trying to turn my Christmas tree lights on at the end of April.  If I do, my family might begin to wonder if I’m slowly losing my mind…or perhaps it would be solid proof that their suspicions were correct all along. 😉   However, the more I thought about this mistake, the more I began to hope I would, symbolically, make the error again as I journeyed further along through 2014.

Wouldn’t it be cool if every morning our first desire was to turn the lights on again?  Not on the tree, but in our lives.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the moment our feet hit the floor every day in the year 2014  we were eager to let His beautiful light shine and sparkle brightly again in our lives?   It’s easy to forget to do, isn’t it?  We have a million things on our To Do Lists to accomplish. We must hit the ground running, sometimes.  But, what if?   What if, you and I made a choice to begin the day by turning the lights on first?

The day after Christmas I wrote this on my Facebook wall.  It was a summary of a blog post I had written that same morning “I think we often have post holiday blues because seasons of gratitude, hope & love were never intended to be seasons.”

This light we can turn on and shine everyday is packed full all the things we appreciate about the Christmas season.  Gratitude, hope and love…it’s all right there waiting for us to turn on again and again.  And, there’s more than enough power in those bulbs to last the whole year through.

All we must do is choose to plug them up and let them shine!

4 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. Debra

    Good beautiful morning to you Eileen. What a wonderful mistake wanting the beautiful twinkly lights on. I hope ( theres my one word ) that this year will be filled with more Jesus. Its so great to be a writer of Christian fiction and non fiction I can get up every morning and go to work writing about the many truly great blessings things that God has for us and gives us daily. May God be with you and shine His light on you today Eileen.

    ( I have a new web site with a link to my blog)

  2. Bill (cycelguy)

    our tree is down but we were given a handmade wooden tree one year. Stands about 2 feet high. Jo likes to put white lights on it and leave it on for as long as the lights last. I think it is cool. It is now in my ManCave and I love the feeling of waking up, heading the cave to get ready for my shower, and seeing the lights. It is bright enough I don’t have to put the room light on to get ready afterwards either. Shine on!

    1. Eileen Post author

      I love this Bill. I need to think about having year round lights. There’s just something so beautiful about them.


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