Letting Go to Cling Tighter

I was out on my run yesterday and one of my favorites from “All Sons and Daughters” began to play.

“Lord, I find You in the seeking
Lord, I find You in the doubt
And to know You is to love You
And to know so little else
I need You
Oh, how I need You
Oh, how I need You
Oh, how I need You”

Those words have always resonated deeply with me. As I listened to them play again yesterday, I silently prayed.

Lord, no matter what season I may be going through, may I never lose my grip on this crucial truth. “And to know You is to love You and to know so little else…I need You.”

Whether I find myself in a season of lack—filled with things like heartache, confusion and loneliness …may I never lose my grip on this truth.

When I find myself in a season of plenty—filled with clear direction, passion and joy overflowing …may I never lose my grip of this truth.

As a recovering people pleaser, I tend to shy away from polarizing topics. I just don’t want to offend or cause division. My desire in this post is to simply share with you the terrain I’m currently navigating…on the road to beautiful.

And on the road to beautiful, my seasons always change. But my heart is spent on loving You, to know You in Your power and pain. – Charlie Hall

I’ve wrestled for a while now as to the best way to write about this particular place. I find it hard to put into words. It’s not an unfamiliar season. I’ve been here before.

It’s as if something must die in order to make room for something else that’s waiting to come to life. 

It’s like I’m arriving at this place (again!) in my soul where I’m learning the beautiful (yet oh so challenging) dance steps of surrender. 

In order to cling tighter we must let go.  More of Jesus, less of me.

We must be willing to lose our life in order to find it. (Easier said than done)

Here’s what this is looking like in my own life…

—I’m learning to let go of your opinions of me. 

—I’m learning that speaking up against injustice and the wrongs I witness in the world around me… is not out of line.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

—What is out of line is for me to remain silent, ignore, justify, rationalize or minimize injustices I see.

 Jesus desires to be our teacher.  

—I no longer affiliate myself with a particular political party; I haven’t felt comfortable calling myself a Republican or a Conservative for many years.

—I want to follow Jesus. I want to learn from Him and the “unforced rhythms of his grace”

—It’s clear to me that Jesus wouldn’t have affiliated or pledged allegiance to any political party.

His message of love is so far beyond party or country loyalty.  His message of love is radically inclusive. The politicians of Jesus’ day felt threatened by this message of love, acceptance, and forgiveness too.  It went against everything they knew about current laws, customs, traditions, logic and comfort zones. 

Weak are strong?  Poor are rich?  Outcasts are welcomed? 

Yes. Yes.  Yes.


I started writing this post earlier this morning after taking my dogs for a walk but didn’t finish it until after I returned from church.

On that walk, I kept hearing the same lyrics play over and over in my head. They were from the song “I Surrender All”

“I’m lifting up my hands, I’m laying down my arms.”   

Over and over they played.

“I’m lifting up my hands, I’m laying down my arms.” 

I headed off to church, expectantly.

We are in the middle of a series called Fresh Starts. These words resonated with me this morning.  “Our surrender is the condition for victory.  Fresh starts are take overs more than do overs.”

It was then I realized what the next line from the song that was playing on repeat while on my walk earlier in the morning.

“I’m lifting up my hands. I’m laying down my arms.

God take me as I am; God take over my heart.”

4 thoughts on “Letting Go to Cling Tighter

  1. Becky

    To stand alone with Jesus and disregard society is His calling. It is a difficult task in this politically correct time. He gives this choice daily as to what our walk will be. Are we on the road with Him to share His gifts or are we going to follow our own path and find confusion and never being enough trying to please everyone else? Our message yesterday was so clear as to where our joy lies. Surrendering ourselves from struggling and accepting God’s gifts daily is the fresh start we all can have. It is the one I definitely need! Thanks for the excellent writing!

  2. Teresa

    Political and Scriptural connection always rings true with me, as most of my Social views radically changed once I learned what God said about them. I can be too fixated on them, but that is because it is part of my story and testimony. Finding this balance is becoming ever increasingly difficult in these politically charged days, but I will continue to try without going overboard (I hope). I always appreciate your insight.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Yes, very challenging times filled with so much division. That’s definitely one of the reasons I no longer feel “at home” affiliating with any particular party. I appreciate your thoughts, Teresa.


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