letting go

I posted this quote from P31 Ministries yesterday:

Brokenness, failure, defeat, fear… let them refine, instead of define, you.

I love how God can use the negatives in our life, like adversity, wrong choices and suffering as a catalyst to teach us how to depend and to trust Him more.

He takes our brokenness and transforms it into something
beautiful and usable.
He takes our fears and turns them into faith.
He takes our failures and completely covers them in grace.

Willingness is so important when it comes to growing up in Christ. Years ago, I hit what I call a spiritual bottom in my life. I had gone off and done life my own way and had spent a season making one bad choice after another. It was time to choose differently. It’s often been said that people don’t change until they become sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is so true. I had finally reached this stage in my own life.

I chose to admit that my way was not working. So, me and God had a talk. I was finally willing to try it His way.

What did I have to lose? Nothing.

What if by trusting Him, I failed again? So what.

I had become a pro at falling down. I was quite familiar with the feeling of my face skidding painfully across the pavement.

I made a commitment to God that day to go to whatever lengths I had to in order to do it His way. I would go wherever He told me to go. Every move I would make, no matter how uncomfortable it might make me, would be done out of obedience to Him. It meant taking the risk of venturing into unknown territory. It meant being vulnerable and not being too prideful to go places that I used to think were beneath me. It meant exposing the hidden and finally bringing it all into the light.

There was something else that dared to dance around in my mind and in my heart. Hope.

Perhaps, God really does have my best interest in mind.
Perhaps, I really can trust Him.
Perhaps, He really is as big and as strong and as knowledgeable as I have been told He is.

Maybe. Just maybe. He does, He can, and He is.

The risk of letting go and trusting Him was worth it.

It turns out, I had everything to gain by choosing to do it His way.

When I let go…God showed me just how far His arms could stretch to save me.

Beautiful, Beautiful

Thank you Lord!

2 thoughts on “letting go

  1. Lisa

    So beautiful! We can never fall so far that God can't catch us. And our "hanging on" is just an illusion. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain when we say "yes" to God.


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