Light in the Darkness

This week I have had the chance to watch my dad work with his therapists.  It’s been interesting and fascinating to watch how the body responds/doesn’t respond after a stroke.  One of the therapists he works with could probably make a living as a comedian if he ever wanted to switch careers.

My dad loves it when he is paired up with John.  John makes him chuckle and smile. It takes a lot to make my dad do this.  He responds positively to John’s approach and personality.

Sometimes John calls my dad Jimmy instead of Jim. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone call him Jimmy before.

“I need a tissue, John, I’m drooling again.”

“That’s okay, Jimmy, we’ll get you a plant to water.”

John manages to take discouraging moments and find the humor in them.  I am beginning to believe this is just as important as getting someone to lift a paralyzed limb off the ground.  For brief moments this week, I’ve watched the sun come into my dad’s dreary and monotonous world.  It’s a beautiful scene.

Today, go brighten up someone’s world.

Go be their sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Light in the Darkness

  1. Debra

    It’s So wonderful when you ( or your dad ) run into someone who can make them smile in the face of frustration . God Definitely know the best place for John and his talents. So glad your dad is getting better!!!!!


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