Living in Questions-Clinging to Easter


Easter time, especially these last couple of years, has reminded me of how faithful God is during seasons of transition.

As I thought more about this faithfulness recently, I couldn’t help but think of John Mark McMillan’s beautiful song “Death In His Grave”  We sung this song at church on Easter morning in 2013.  At this particular time in life, my family was in complete transition mode.  My husband’s job in North Carolina was quickly coming to an end and we had decided that it would be best to look for employment down in Georgia to be near his aging parents.  My husband had lined up two job interviews for the week after Easter, one in Atlanta and one in Dalton.  We pulled into town Saturday night and accompanied my brother-in-law and his family to Easter services the next morning in Dalton, GA.

It was a Community Church and was similar to the one we had been attending for 12 years in North Carolina.  As we walked out of the Easter service that Sunday morning I remember saying to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you ended up getting the job in Dalton…we would already have a church to go to.”

I’ve blogged on many occasions about this season in our lives. We were in the midst of some pretty significant unknowns. Would my husband find another job before his current job in North Carolina ended?  Would we end up staying in North Carolina?  Would we end up living somewhere in Georgia? Where would “home” be six months from then?

Yet despite all the questions, I had peace during this time. I experienced soothing moments of reassurance during the entire journey. God had this beautiful way of continually reminding me of this Truth:  I have walked with you through many scary and question-filled times before and I will walk with you through this one too.

As I thought more about those transitional seasons in our lives, I thought about the time between the crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus. Talk about a time when followers of Jesus had more questions than answers, this was it.  Not only did they have a ton of questions…but they were also walking through a valley of incredible sadness and grief. When I think about what this time must have been like for the disciples, it tends to put the transitional seasons in my own life into perspective.

On many occasions, prior to his death, Jesus  told his disciple that this (his death) needed to happen, he also reassured His followers that he would be back…yet, at the time, the disciples couldn’t seem to comprehend that truth. As a result, it seemed impossible for them to remember what Jesus had promised them before He went to the cross and, for a time, their fear became significantly bigger than their faith.

Isn’t that the same with us?  Perhaps we’ve walked along with Jesus for years now. We’ve experienced His love and His rescue over and over…then life throws a HUGE curve ball and what do we do?  We scurry back to the boat. We hide behind locked doors.  We take our eyes off His promises, promises we know to be true because we’ve experienced the personal touch of that beauty.  His story has changed our story.

Are you in a season filled with more questions than answers?  Take a moment to remember His promises and His faithfulness.

“And surely I am with you always…to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20

“Laid down in grief…but awoke with the keys”

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