Look Past the Immediate, Focus on the Eternal

Today, I am thrilled to have Grayson Pope from A Parched Soul visiting The Scenic Route. Grayson recently released his eBook, Shadows of Eternity: a parched soul’s manifesto.


You’re looking for your purpose like everyone else. You read the books, listen to the talks, and ask other people what they think.

So why does it feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? Why does it feel like you’re not getting anywhere? Why does it seem like God ignores you when you ask desperately for His help in understanding your calling?

Maybe you’re looking at it wrong. I know I was. I used to think finding my purpose was all about finding out what I liked best and then developing a calling around that.

But it doesn’t work like that. Your gifts and your calling were developed to serve God first and other people second. You come in third.

Your gifts are part of the body of Christ, and they don’t work properly unless they operate within and as a part of that body, just like Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 12:27:

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

So you’re supposed to take your gifts and offer them up to God and other people, and in this way you will find your purpose. See, in fulfilling the needs of others, we discover something about ourselves which can be revealed in no other way. We were created to serve, and it’s only through serving that our greater purpose can be revealed.

I used to think it was about finding out what would make me happy, but I was wrong.

When we focus on what impacts the people around us, we focus on something that has eternal power. A life changed can mean an eternity is changed. When one life is altered and a direction changed, the course of human history is affected along with it.

We need to think about that more often. We need to look past the immediate and focus on the eternal. It’s the eternal things that make a difference in how we act in the immediate. An eternal focus shapes our current actions in a healthy way.

That’s the goal of my new eBook, Shadows of Eternity: A parched soul’s manifesto. In it, I give a different perspective for thinking about calling and purpose. One that shifts the focus away from an egocentric view of calling and instead focuses on using your gifts to affect the world around you.

And I want to give you a copy for free. No email sign-up form to fill out. No strings attached. Just click here to grab a copy.

How does shifting your focus to the eternal change what you do today? What would be different about your life if you thought more about eternity?

twit_pic1 Grayson Pope is a Christ-follower, husband and father. He’s trying to find his purpose and invites others along for the ride. You can follow him on his blog and Twitter, and grab a copy of his new eBook Shadows of Eternity for free here.

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