Louder Than Words

fishing“I want to live like that.”

Those were the song lyrics that came to mind this morning as I sat sipping my coffee and pondering the day ahead.

Sometimes, I wake up with this overwhelming desire to put words on paper, morning stretching exercises for my soul.

Today, like most mornings, the topic is far from obvious.

Instead, the only thing clear is the familiar ache…the one that groans louder and deeper than mere words can adequately articulate.

It’s an ache that grips tightly around my soul … there is no denying it or ignoring it.
It’s an ache that says…Lord, don’t let me miss any of Your beauty today.
It’s an ache that says…Lord, don’t let me focus on the things in life that don’t truly matter.
It’s the ache that says...Lord, don’t let me settle for less than all of You.

This ache.  

Oh, Lord, thank you for this ache.  

Thank you for aches and silent groans that point our spiritual eyes to the more we can only find in You.  

That’s when those song lyrics from Sidewalk Prophets came to mind. “I want to live like that…”

The beautiful ache squeezed tight and the tears flowed free.

Less of me today…
more of You today, Lord.  

“I want to show the world the love You gave for me
I’m longing for the world to know the glory of the King.” -Sidewalk Prophets

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