Loving the Seagull Feeders

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This morning, it occurred to me (again) how much I still struggle with grace. I recently read this quote from Jon Acuff.  “Every time I think I’m getting good at grace I sit next to somebody at the beach who feeds the seagulls.”  It made me laugh but it’s true about me too.

It amazes me how one moment I can be all full of grace, and happiness and generosity. I’m skipping down Love Lane…it’s all sunshiny and flowery and then BAM!  Someone does something to shake my little love bubble and it’s like my grace switch is accidentally flipped to the off position. Maybe I can blame it on being 40 and hormones. I’ve been told that woman at this age start having issues with that kind of stuff…but then what was my excuse 5 year ago…or 15 years ago?

Today, I want to be intentional about extending grace to the people who cross my path who insist on feeding the seagulls. I want to have the heart that says: God, you know and understand their actions even though I don’t.  Rather than a heart that holds onto resentment or bitterness, keep working on me, Lord. Give me a heart that’s constantly striving and remembering to forgive and accept others the way they are. Just like You accepted me the way I am…no strings attached.  A free gift of love and generosity.

7 thoughts on “Loving the Seagull Feeders

  1. Brock Webster

    I enjoy watching birds, we has 4 feeders and 10 houses in our yard. But feeding the Seagulls is a different story. 🙂 Great post, as always.

    1. Eileen Post author

      I enjoy watching the birds too. Where we used to live it was so frustrating because the squirrels were always getting the food. I want to try again at our new place!

  2. Debra

    I too love watching birds, especially ducks at the lake. It reminds me of the freedom they have because they trust God will take care of them. Often times when I look at them, I’m reminded there are things I still need to learn. Like total trust in God.

  3. Tammy Schaefer

    Another great word, Eileen! Yes, we all need to practice grace. I’ve found when it appears to be mastered, God throws in one of the sand paper people! It reminds me the journey is not ever over.


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