Manly Trees are Beautiful Trees

This is my first Spring living in Georgia.  The other day my husband and I took a walk around the neighborhood together.  These stunning trees line our streets.

Depositphotos_8483548_sDeposit Photos

I’m not a knowledgeable plant person so I asked my husband what they were called.

“I think those are Bradford Pear trees.”  He tells me. “They’re pretty but they sure do stink sometimes.”

“Is that where that smell is coming from?”  I responded, rather amazed that such a beautiful tree could give off such a strong odor.

As we walked along, I kept telling my husband,  “I know that smell.  What is that smell?  I’ve smelled it before but I can’t place it.”

This morning, I decided to do a little research on Google and, to my surprise, Pear Trees, are also referred to as Semen Trees because of the smell they give off in Spring.

My first reaction after making this discovery was…well, I can’t blog about Semen Trees.

Well, apparently I can.  Who knew?

These trees really are beautiful.  My husband and I recalled as we walked around the neighborhood that these same trees were also some of our favorite trees last Fall when they began changing to a vibrant orange/red color. Now, as we enter the spring season, they’re snow-white…a masculine Snow White…but still snow white. 😉 

Sidewalk with flowering pear treesDeposit Photos

I love the transformation process of these trees.  I love the spectrum of their beauty.  I love the reminder that there is unique beauty found in each season we journey through. And that beauty can look so different depending on what season we are passing through…but each season is worth slowing down and appreciating.  This season won’t last forever.  The older I get, the more I am realizing this truth.

I want to embrace the beauty in my life today. I want to love on the little boy who is (at this very moment) snuggled under a blanket and leaning up against me.  This is my life.  These constantly changing colors won’t stay the same forever.

Look up.  Take in the view. It’s breathtaking!

Now, is the time to appreciate it. 

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