Matters of the Heart

Some of the most significant times of growth I have experienced in my faith and in my walk with the Lord have been when I started to pray, “Lord, change my heart.” I think God loves to honor this request. He wants nothing more than for our hearts and our desires to line up with His.

And I think, if we were to be completely honest with ourselves, this is what every human is really searching for in this life. Even if they still don’t recognize it or not. We chase after so many things to make us happy and content but I believe every chase and every path is really a quest for our Creator.

We were created by God and for God. So when we pray prayers like…”God make me into who you think I should be”, I think God smiles. I even imagine Him doing a little happy dance. Kinda like I (and other mommies I know) used to do every time my toddler son did something I was teaching him to do correctly. Or every time he was willing to try something new like a new food or a first step.

When God changes our hearts, He is training us to start looking at things through his eyes and from his perspective. If God created everything, knows everything, sees everything…doesn’t it make sense to desire that perspective? He is the wisest parent I know. Sometimes, like a toddler, I resist his advice and his way. I stomp my feet, I throw myself in the middle of life’s floor and throw a fit. But eventually, maybe even after some discipline or correction, I see the wisdom of asking, “Lord, change my heart. How do You want me to proceed? What is the best path to take?”

I want the kind of heart the makes these requests and asks these kinds of questions. This kind of heart always points me in the right direction. I might not know where I am going. I might not know how I am going to get there. But I am certain I am exactly where God wants me.

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