Meet Carlos

I thought I would introduce you all to Carlos. This is one of the students my family sponsors in the Dominican Republic.

These are pictures I took last year when I had the opportunity to meet Carlos.

My son wrote him a letter and drew a picture for him. I was able to deliver it personally.  One of our team members translated it to him.

A little later, I snapped this photo of Carlos showing the letter to his friends.

The plan is to head back to the DR in nine days.  I have another letter to deliver.

If you would like to know more about sponsoring a child in the Dominican Republic visit Solid Rock Missions

8 thoughts on “Meet Carlos

  1. Allison

    As you may know, we adopted our son from Guatemala and that country has a special place in our hearts. We sponsor a child through World Vision from Guatemala also. I would LOVE to travel to meet him someday and be able to take our son with us.
    I applaud you for living out your faith!

  2. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – I think this is awesome, not only for Carlos, but the seeds you are sowing into your son. I hope your letter delivery goes off smoothly and there is much blessing all around. God bless


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