Meet Human Storm

My son has a betta fish named Human Storm. When we bought this fish a few months ago, I suggested names like Jaws or Sushi. Sean wanted something a little more original and came up with this name. I’m guessing I will never meet another fish named Human Storm.

Just like the last betta we owned a couple years ago, Human Storm has essentially become my fish. I feed him (consistently) every day and I bathe him (change his water) every week.
I’ve thought for quite some time now that Human Storm might really be a dog trapped in a fish body. He enthusiastically wags his entire body whenever I approach his dog house…err fish bowl. It reminds of the happy little wiggle dance my dog, Bisbee, does every time she thinks it might be time to eat again. Ooh, ooh…is it time yet?? You gonna feed me now?!?

I’ve never met a fish with so much personality…but with a name like his I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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