Momentary Light Affliction

Was reminded of something last night while watching a video where a portion of 2 Corinthians 4 was being discussed.

My  heart meditated on this phrase again.

“For our light & momentary affliction is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weigh of glory” (v 17)

Stop and think about that for a moment affliction is producing for us

I researched a few other translations too

affliction is achieving for us
affliction is preparing for us
affliction…worketh for us (can you guess which translation that is?) 😉

Love this reminder. Paul links suffering with something that is essentially positive. Production is positive, achievement is positive, preparation is positive. In the end, the positive far outweighs the negative. When we look at the whole picture, struggle and suffering becomes some kind of catalyst to the flourishing of us…not the destruction of us…even though when we are going through painful times we may have a difficult time seeing anything good or positive. And yet, redeeming work is still being done to create, achieve, produce….something “incomparably” better that far exceeds the negative. 

I don’t know about you but this fills me with hope.  We want suffering to be productive. We want it to not be in vain. We want there to be a purpose in our pain.  I was actually just reminded me of the scene in the movie Saving Private Ryan where Private Ryan’s life was spared because of Captain Miller’s loss of his.  His final words to Private Ryan…”earn this.”  Which means:  let this horrific loss produce and achieve something better, don’t let this be in vain, don’t waste your life…flourish…make this count for something.

It then made me think of Christ’s work on the cross.  Jesus didn’t say earn this. He said “it is finished”  Which means:  I’ve taken all the pain that has been inflicted and will ever be inflicted and placed it on myself.

There’s nothing you or I can do to earn this but we can receive it. We can accept it with a humble heart and live the rest of our days on this earth eternally grateful for what Christ’s affliction on the cross has produced for us.  

Again, this fills me with hope.  The cross reminds me that there is indeed a purpose in pain, that suffering can be used as a catalyst that produces something better and that abundant life is still possible despite the route we must journey is often filled with seasons of suffering.

The video that sparked all this.  The interview halfway through of man who lost his son is a powerful story to watch.

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