Monday’s Choice

Happy Easter Monday!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.  As I typed the words above, I smiled.  I don’t know too much about the historical significance of  Easter Monday or why it’s a holiday that much of the world celebrates. It’s not widely recognized here in the United States. Yet, I do have my own ideas as to why we should celebrate Easter Monday.

Easter Monday is a symbol to keep the party going. It’s a reminder to keep rejoicing over the Good News. Because the good news is still incredible news on Monday…and on Tuesday for that matter.

Monday marks a new beginning. Monday is the first full day of opening our eyes and being aware of a new reality. On Monday we wake up with a choice to embrace.

However, it’s up to us to grab hold of that choice with every corner of our heart and run with it.  On Sunday we hear the good news. On Monday it’s our choice on whether or not we apply the good news to our lives.

At church yesterday, we learned how old habits and old fears have a tendency to die-hard.  When Jesus showed up after the resurrection, his followers were still living a defeated life. They had locked themselves away in fear.  In fact, even when Jesus revisited them eight days later, they were still living life locked away in fear.  Jesus had come back and yet the disciples chose to cling to the fears of yesterday. (John 20:26)

Today is Monday.  Today is day one.  How will you choose to live your new reality? Will you live today locked away in old fears or habits?  Or will you truly choose to live out the greatest news in history?

Will Saturday’s fear dominate your choices…or will His peace carry you forward? Will His breath be the courage you inhale and the life you live out? (John 20:22)

8 thoughts on “Monday’s Choice

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    i jokingly wanted to say today’s day is special because of April Fool’s Day, but after reading your post I realized it is totally inappropriate. So happy Easter Monday to you Eileen. Enjoy the new beginning it seems to bring.


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