My Distracted Heart Sits Here…


Here I am, back in John 6.

It seems to be my go-to chapter whenever my heart is confused and I begin to dwell too much on the less than ideal circumstances or on situations I can’t change.

When I am tempted to depend and focus too much on the temporary…Jesus has an answer for me.

When I get too focused on doing (performing) for God and I begin to turn following Jesus into a list of tasks that must be completed…Jesus has an answer for me.

When I am tempted to rely on quick fixes or settle for temporary peace…Jesus has an answer for me.

When arguments arise between different religious perspectives and fights break out over who is right and who is wrong…Jesus has an answer for me.

When doubts rise up or answers/solutions seem far off…Jesus has an answer for me.

When I begin to rely too much on my physical eyes instead of my spiritual eyes…Jesus has an answer for me.


I find the bread my heart is seeking every single time.

2 thoughts on “My Distracted Heart Sits Here…

  1. Phil Malmstrom

    Beautiful Eileen… Where the world desperately tries to bring us to doubt, complication and turmoil, Jesus draws us to His side to rest in Him…

    Have a blessed day my friend.


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