My Goal This Week

My son, who is a picky, skeptical eater, surprisingly, loves going to the local sushi restaurant. Not for the sushi but for the miso soup and the yakisoba noodles. This week he has cried twice because we didn’t have any miso soup in the house to eat…My throat hurts because I really want miso soup. Yes, I think he does have a future as a thespian.

Yesterday, I decided to buy some of the miso soup they sell at the grocery store. I guess you should never get your hopes up when the instructions tell you to “Just Add Water”. It tasted nothing like the miso soup from our favorite restaurant.

So, my goal this week? To make homemade miso soup. I did find some recipes online. They all call for dashi granules. What are dashi granules?

I guess my first goal will be to figure out what these tasty granules are and where I might find them.

Any suggestions??

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