My Mom Used to Stutter

As I type this post, I’m listening to a Jason Gray interview on K-Love.  I smiled when I discovered he stutters when he talks.

Thank you Donna Bostick for this tweet this morning….

When we hide our weaknesses, we hide the grace of God from others. Jason Gray @KLOVERadio

…I tuned in and loved it.

My mom had a stutter. My dad’s nickname for her was Stammer…because, ironically, her maiden name was Stamm. That still makes me laugh.  I love that the two of them were comfortable enough in their relationship that they could joke at this little “imperfection”.  I know this stutter caused some insecurity in my mom when she was a child but she learned to be content on how God uniquely designed and created her voice.

It fascinates me that typically when those with a stutter sing…it disappears. I’ve mentioned this before but my mom loved to write songs and play them on her guitar. She would even sing these creations in church in front of the congregation.  All performed with no sign of a stutter.

This reminded me of how God will take perceived hindrances or weaknesses in our life and find a way to use them for His glory.  It also reminded me of how God invites us to bring our insecurities and lay them at His feet. He knows us and loves us just the way we are.  Sometimes, just like my mom and dad, the Lord and I have even had a good laugh over the quirky unique way He created me.

Today, I am reminded to not take things too seriously…to not nitpick over those things in me that look like “flaws”. They’re not flaws. They’re God’s fingerprints.  And, they’re beautiful!

I’ve shared this Jason Gray song before, but it’s worth sharing again.

What weakness in you does God desire to use for His Glory? Lay it down at His feet…

5 thoughts on “My Mom Used to Stutter

  1. Betty Draper

    This week I have been medictating on Pslam 139:14-18, it’s been like an anchor to my soul since my week has been full of self which has manifested itself in anger, misunderstanding, and self condemnation. My heart cried over my failures. But God is not focus on my failures…He says I am precious, fearfully and wonderfully made, skillfully made. Only God could think that way of me the failure. I am loving Him even more due to His words. He does not play with my feelings about loving me…He continue to pour out more then anyone else…He has judge me and found me not wanting because I am covered in the blood of the lamb. He does not waste my failures but uses them to glorfiy Him and help others. The devil loses…Amen, Amen, Amen

  2. bill (cycleguy)

    Mel Tillis. Bill Gaither. Stutterers who sang without one. one of the most memorable MASH episodes was when Charles was trying to help a young soldier who stuttered and then went back to the tent after visiting him and listening to tapes of his sister talk, er stutter. We all have imperfections. We need to do as you are doing…encourage and build up not ridicule. Well done Eileen.


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