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This morning I thought about an old post I wrote a couple of years ago about being a tiny trailblazer. You can read a portion of it below. I was prompted to write it after hearing a great quote from Emily Freeman. “Leave your unique trail of beauty no matter how small it is.”

I love that quote. I thought about it again after reading these words in the Jesus Calling devotional this morning.  “I am leading you along a way that is uniquely right for you…marvel at the beauty of a life intertwined with My Presence. Rejoice as we journey together in intimate communion. Enjoy the adventure of finding yourself through losing yourself in Me.”

On Saturday, I had a similar thought about beauty being discovered off the beaten path (out of the limelight) as a I ran along a quiet path. It was there where I encountered life and loveliness all around me.

Two years ago, these were the thoughts I wrote down about taking our own unique paths:

My trail isn’t a major highway. It might never be a major highway. But when I keep my eyes focused on the reason behind the journey then I am more than okay with this. This journey is for Him. Every step and every direction should glorify Him. More than anything, I desire to follow along the paths that He calls me down.

Occasionally, I even have this thought: Maybe all the little roads are in fact the big roads. Major highways in disguise. I just can’t fully comprehend it from my human perspective.

The more I travel the little streets God tends to take me down, the more I appreciate them. He reminds me over and over that the most beautiful and life changing attractions aren’t on the major roads, they are tucked away off the beaten path. I don’t want to miss all the heart touching scenery God is showing me along the way.

He knows a truth that I sometimes have hard time remembering. Popular, fast-moving, interstates have a way of bypassing many of the joy-filled lessons. I need the small because I need the lessons. (excerpt from Tiny Trailblazers, Originally posted July 12, 2012)

I need the small because I need the lessons. 

I have chosen my One Word for 2015. Or, maybe, my word has chosen me. 🙂


This year, I want to look for and embrace the small. I want to look for the gifts tucked away in the moments, those small gifts we often overlook because our eyes are forever wandering off the path looking for something bigger.

Maybe all the little roads are in fact the big roads. Major highways in disguise.

6 thoughts on “My One Word 2015

  1. Stephen Haggerty

    So you basically took my word 🙂 …or what I would have chosen for this past year, rather. My small, new son (6 month) was the biggest part of the year. I also don’t want to miss the “small” moments that have such a bigger impact. It’s on my mind in a big way, not even trying to be ironic (okay, maybe slightly but not really).

    1. Eileen Post author

      I’m sorry for stealing your word, Stephen. I guess I steal words like I steal pens. 😉 Enjoy every moment of your little guy because the next thing you know they’re 11 years old and almost as tall as you!

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  3. Betty Draper

    My 16 year old grand daughter was asking me about all the different jobs I had in my life. It was a long list and her reply after I got to the end was, wow, Grandma you have lived several lives. As I read your post it came to me that each life was small in comparison to most people. So I can say I have lived many small lives yet is is the smallest ones that has made the biggest impact on me. I would not trade any of them for what I am now…not one, even the very hard ones and there were several. I have no problem being small so He can become huge in my life. What seem small here counts for so much more in eternity. Sweet post Eileen.

    1. Eileen Post author

      “yet is is the smallest ones that has made the biggest impact on me.” Exactly, Betty! Happy New Year to you.

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