Need IS the Need



So often the things we least feel like doing are the things that would benefit us the most.

I don’t feel like exercising.
I don’t feel like choosing carrot sticks instead of bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
I don’t feel like saying no to another beer.
I don’t feel like saying I’m sorry.
I don’t feel like forgiving her for that wrong.

Our feelings deceive us, don’t they? And sometimes we have to do things we don’t feel like doing and just wait and pray for our hearts to warm up to the idea.

The same goes with this faith journey.

“Needing me is the key to knowing me.” – Jesus Calling, November 29

I read those words yesterday morning and have been thinking about them ever since. I find them to be so accurate. Think about them for a moment.

The key to intimately knowing the God who created us requires (first) that we recognize our need for Him. And, so often, recognizing we “need” something in life requires a huge dose of humility. Some of the hardest and most life altering words we will ever say in life are. “Lord, I need you.” They also happen to be some of the  most beautiful, courageous, and Truth-filled words we will ever say.

“Needing Me is the key to knowing Me.”

It’s tempting for our hearts to want to reverse the order. We want God to “prove” Himself to us before we admit our need or bow down and worship Him. But that’s not how faith works. Faith says: step out and commit to trusting Me and then watch Me open your eyes to all the more you have been searching for.

A couple of things came to mind as I wrote this post this morning.

First, a post I wrote several years ago about a personal journey with learning to “fake it until I made it” when it came to needing God.  You can read it here. Melting Hearts of Stone

Second, this song from Gungor.  The lyrics say it all.  It’s that moment in our journey when we humbly reach that point where we might not know much…but we do know one thing…we need Him!

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