Ode To Coffee

Coffee, Coffee how I love thee
You pick me up when I am down
And quickly turn my frown around
Oh You mean the world to me.

Countless times You’ve saved my morn’
My slumber ends at the crack of dawn
Chirping birds, I stretch and yawn
The thought…of You… I don’t forlorn

My footsteps hasten down the stairs
A beautiful tune will soon be heard
A glorious song to fill the air, sure to rival fluent birds
Percolating goodness, suspending all my cares

Coffee, Coffee how I love thee
All Your qualities make me happy
And… although this ode is far too sappy
Here is one single pledge I make…
To always love You… more than tea

3 thoughts on “Ode To Coffee

  1. frogsview

    Ah, you are on the same wave length as this soul.

    In addition to the coffee, one of the best inventions ever made was the 'pull out the carafe while it's still dripping function', and the 'auto shut off after 2 hours' setting.

    From an 8 o'clock french roast lover…

  2. Eileen

    I agree! The pause 'n serve creator was a genius 🙂 I also drink the 8 o'clock, brewing some as I type.


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