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“One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see.” John 9: 25b

After my eyes caught sight of these words this morning, an older post (Rejoice and See) popped into my mind.  A couple of years ago I shared how I wonder what was going through this once blind man’s mind when he was being interrogated by the Pharisees.  Here’s what I wrote then:

You’ve got to be joking. You’re missing the point. You want proof that this man Jesus is something special…here it is!  End of story. Stop and really look at what just took place in my life. I was blind…now I see!  So, if you’ll just let me be on my way now, I have so many sights I want to go look at for the first time.  I want to go see if they look anything like I’ve imagined in my dreams!

I love this account in Scripture. I love how it reminds us of how one personal encounter with Jesus will prompt us to see and understand our stories differently.

After thinking about all of this, a story Lee Strobel shared in his most recent book The Case for Grace, came to mind.  Lee shares the story of Cody.  Cody was a homeless man and one day he was standing in line at a church waiting for food and a shower when a woman walked up to him and said…”it looks like you could use a hug.”  The stranger proceeded to give him a big hug, even though he was all dirty, stinky, and hadn’t showered in days.

That moment, is what I would call Cody’s “I was blind, now I see” moment. Extravagant love captured his heart that day. Cody’s life went on to do a 180 degree turn. Today, he ministers to other homeless folks and shares about his encounter with the woman who chose to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

A few final thoughts:

When the love of  Jesus reaches out and collides with our pain…nothing is ever the same…nor should it be!

Today, I want to be as overjoyed as the once blind man who was sharing his story with the doubting Pharisees.

Today, I want to live like the woman who walked into a “filthy situation” and simply offered love and acceptance.

Today, I want to be like Cody and choose to share that love and acceptance with the folks Jesus puts in my path.

Would you join me?

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