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May is a big month of memories every year…but especially this year. I think about my mom quite a bit with Mother’s Day around the corner and her birthday at the end of the month. My mind can’t imagine what she would look like or be like at 77 years old. Yet, nearly 22 years later, I can still hear her beautiful laugh.

The memory that comes up most when I think about her, other than the back to back to back games of Scrabble we would play in the summer, is an image of her sitting in her blue robe at one end of our sectional couch. She sat there a lot during that last year of being sick. Sometimes she’s reading a book, sometimes she’s waiting for lunch and I’m in the kitchen preparing her favorite…Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

In hindsight, one of the “blessings” of losing my mom when I was 18 is that it forced my dad and I to become a little closer. He has softened quite a bit over the years.  We end every phone conversation we have nowadays with “I love you”.

Like I said, May is a month of memories this year.  So many things have changed in one year.

A year ago, I was working as a receptionist at an animal clinic.  Today, I am working as a virtual assistant out of my home (and loving it!)

A year ago, my husband was working as the computer/software guy for a company that does contract work for the Coast Guard. Today, he is 650 miles away transitioning into a new job down in Georgia.

A year ago, we were gearing up for the school year to end and looking forward to our community pool opening up and summer day trips to the beach. Today, we are gearing up for the school year to end, packing up the house and looking forward to joining my husband down in Georgia.

A year ago, my dad was a fiercely independent and active 72-year-old man. Today, after suffering a stroke on May 21 of last year, he is paralyzed on his left side, bed ridden, and dependent on others.

A year ago, I was getting excited and nervous about releasing my eBook on May 23 (My mom’s birthday). Today, as I continue trying to follow His lead and His prompting in my life, I wonder what’s around the corner. I have no idea. I couldn’t have imagined all this around the corner a year ago.

But, one thing’s for sure, wherever the road leads next, I’ll be writing it all down.

Where has the road taken you in one year’s time? 

16 thoughts on “One Year

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    You’ve heard it said I’m sure “what a difference a day makes.” You can surely say, “What a difference a year makes.” With that difference also comes challenges. I have this sneaking suspicion that God has some challenges and major blessings coming your way this coming year, especially with your move. Thanks for the update since I didn’t “know” you a year ago. Blessings Eileen on your upcoming journey.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Bill, so true…we can always depend on challenges and blessing to be a part of the journey.

  2. Laura Robb

    Eileen, this is a lovely summary of memories and where you’ve been in the past year! A lot can happen in one year’s time and I have learned to write it down as well. Then we can look back and see the bigger picture of our journeys. 🙂 It’ll be exciting to see what comes in your next year after the move!

  3. Carol Peterson

    Lovely. We appreciate being drawn in to your life, Eileen. With Mother’s Day on my mind, too I look at my family . Son was struggling with a minimum wage job after college. Now he’s living his dream as a geologist. Daughter and son-in-law had just moved 2 hours away (closer) for son-in-law to begin pharmacy rotations. Last week they moved in with us; next week he graduates. Last year Mom lived 2 hours away; this year she’s in the next town. The journeys continue.

  4. Joy Lenton

    What a difference indeed. You have experienced much and come a long way in a year, Eileen. How it helps to look back and see how God has held, comforted, guided and kept us. It gives us hope for the rest of the journey ahead. And no matter where you may end up geographically, emotionally or relationally, God is always with you. I love hearing of your creative journey too. Having got to ‘know’ you just a few months ago, I am excited about all that still lies ahead in that sphere of your life as in every other. One thing we know for sure – we keep on learning, growing and developing with every step of faith we take. Looking forward to hearing more about the move and all that follows after! 🙂 xx

    1. Eileen Post author

      Yes, Larry! Lots of changes for you as well. Not looking forward to my little boy starting college one day…glad that IS NOT happening in the next year. 🙂

  5. Heidi

    Such a joyful post Eileen… even with some sad, hard things in it. I love the way you ended it… “But, one thing’s for sure, wherever the road leads next, I’ll be writing it all down.” I look forward to reading all about it 😉 Many blessings as you pack up and get moved!

  6. christa sterken

    Great reminder to keep things in perspective. How many times do we feel bogged down and unable to see the big picture? Then we look back, and we are in a new season. Look forward to you writing it all down 🙂

  7. David Rupert

    We all make so many plans — and really, who are we to plan the future? Your post reminded me of that. What a year of change. You should take one of those stress tests!

  8. Tracy

    Oh sister- I now join the ranks of missing the sound of my mothers voice on Mothers Day. As you may remember I videoed our Skype call on Mothers Day last year because I knew it would be our last. Thank you for journeying with me through this past year. I am so thankful for you and for your beautiful heart- God connected us at just the right time… Here come some tears:)


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