Open a New Door and Step Into Your Future


Yesterday I watched a powerful video about how a boy who had been the victim of bullying for years chose to begin doing one small thing everyday and it completely changed the outlook and the course of his future. I love this story for so many reasons. Would you take 6 minutes and watch it?

Here are just a few thoughts I had as I watched the clip about Josh.

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. Everyone wants to feel seen and appreciated.  In fact, that was the whole reason behind the One Word I chose last year “validate.” I love how Josh says it: “opening doors is more than just a physical act…it gives people hope that people care.”
  • I thought about my One Word for this year, “small.” I love how this story reminds us that small gestures are anything but. Like I mentioned in a blog post earlier this month,  “perhaps the small roads are really big roads hidden in disguise.”
  • Instead of accepting that things are the way they are, Josh chooses to act.  One of my friends on Facebook expressed it well here:  “What a powerful leader this boy is!. He influenced the culture of his whole school by choosing to give himself away in service to others, which allowed him to step into the power of who he was created to be!”
  • The bad things that happen to us on the road can actually lead us to where we need to be all along. That’s the beauty of redemption. That’s the incredible power it has. The bad is never wasted. When we look back over our journeys, the bad can actually be the catalyst that puts us on the right road.  I LOVE THAT!

This story made me think back on the pivotal moments in my own journey.  I thought about the small actions that changed everything in my life.  We all have the power to have these kinds of moments in our life too. No matter how many times you’ve gotten out of bed in the mornings feeling stuck or defeated, it’s never too late to wake up one morning and make a different choice or consider a different perspective.

What is one small action you’ve taken in your life that turned out to be a big moment in disguise?

What is one small positive choice you could make today that might just put you on the path headed in the right direction? 

3 thoughts on “Open a New Door and Step Into Your Future

  1. Jon Stolpe

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    Thanks for sharing this video in your post.
    I love this quote from one of the other students in the video: “Everybody wants to feel like they mean something to somebody.”

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