Packing Hope

As we continue the moving/packing process today, I am reminded that hope & security aren’t found in stuff. Thoughts of my mom have come to mind a lot in this process, perhaps because Mother’s Day and her birthday are around the corner.

I’ve shared here before the gift I was given years ago, the gift of being by my mom’s side the day she died. I looked into her eyes that Sunday afternoon and I saw joy and peace looking back at me. I caught a glimpse of heaven’s glory that day.

I’ve carried that moment with me ever since. It holds a special place in my heart and I treasure it as you would a precious family heirloom. That moment isn’t something I can pack up in a box and display on the mantle of my next home, yet it symbolizes the stuff in my life that I hope will always matter most to me.

Nice houses, new cars, fancy phones, closets full of clothes, I didn’t see any of those things that afternoon. They weren’t there.  All I saw were a pair of sparkling eyes dancing with anticipation.

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