Pause and Serve

I love coffee. Most people already know this about me. One of the reasons I jump out of bed so eagerly in the morning is because I know that in a matter of just a few short minutes a nice cup of coffee will be brewed and ready for me to consume. I’ve come to appreciate the pause and serve feature on my coffee machine almost as much as I love the first cup of coffee.

I am convinced whoever invented the pause and serve feature must have been someone who struggled with patience or delayed gratification. When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty absurd that there are crazy folks in this world who believe 10 minutes is way too long to have to wait for a cup of coffee. Yep…crazy folks…crazies I can SO relate too!

I have never been very good at slowing down and waiting for things. I eat fast, walk fast, drink fast, shower fast, clean fast, shop fast. talk fast. My husband has pointed out that I sometimes talk so fast that even the way I say a certain word is abbreviated. Apparently, I am in such a hurry to get my words out I don’t actually pronounce the word “probably”. Instead, I say “prolly” or if I’m really in a hurry I say “pr-y”. Fortunately, my husband understands my speed language. I am a busy woman. Life is too short to pronounce every syllable!

I’ve realized that I actually have to consciously choose to slow down.   It certainly doesn’t come naturally. The problem is, I sometimes move so fast through my day in hopes that I don’t miss doing anything, that in the end, I miss things because I am moving so fast.  When I  do allow myself time to slow down, I tend to become less self-focused and more others-focused. I serve more, I am more grateful,and I experience more joy. 

I once read somewhere that one of the best habits you can incorporate into your morning as soon as you wake up (in addition to jumping out of bed and brewing coffee in your pause and serve coffee machine) is to take a moment (to pause) and ask the Lord…”How can I serve You, today?”  I’ve realized that on the days I remember to do this- my attitude changes. I tend to slow down and not hurry so much through my day.  Instead of rushing and doing, I am much more likely to pause and serve.

I think I’ve learned something from my coffee pot.  I know the analogy between my coffee pot and serving God and others is somewhat of a stretch.  But, anytime I can mention God and coffee in the same post…it’s a good day!

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