Perhaps it all Starts with Maybe

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he pulled me out of deep water.  He rescued me from my powerful enemy…”Psalm 18:16-17a

I think if I had to sum up what Easter means to me personally, that verse does a good job of extracting the words right from my heart.  As I’ve shared countless times in this space, several portions of Psalm 18 greatly encouraged me during a season in my life when I was trying to break free from an addiction (my powerful enemy) that had taken hold of me.

Most of my life I had known the story of Easter and even believed the story of Easter… but it truly didn’t become tangible and personal to me until that specific season in my life when I felt as if I was battling for my life.  It was during this season when I finally understood that I could not rescue myself.  The enemy’s grip was too tight and the pit I was in was too deep. I knew I needed to trust a power and a strength and a plan that was bigger than both me and my enemy.  And that power, that plan, was Jesus.

It had been the plan all along. I just didn’t truly understand the plan (nor was I willing to trust the plan) until the battle landed on my doorstep and hit me personally. That’s when I had this ah-ha moment in my journey where I said to the Lord.  Ok, I’ve tried it my way (and that hasn’t worked so well).  So, what’s the harm of me trying it Your way instead?  Maybe You are who You say You are. Maybe I can trust You with my whole heart.  Maybe You are bigger and stronger than everything that has been trying to destroy me. Maybe You can rescue me.  So, Lord, I guess you could say I’m putting all my (Easter) eggs in one basket and trusting You will do Your saving and redeeming work on this doubting, hurting heart of mine.  

And can I tell you what happened?  The old eggs in that basket began cracking open and new and vibrant life started to break through. It didn’t happen overnight.  It became this journey of learning to trust, learning to hold on through the dark, and learning through all of life’s disappointments and delays that healing and freedom wasn’t going to follow the “Eileen timeline.”

No… I’ve discovered that life in Christ is so much bigger and so much more beautiful than that.  

He grabs hold of your hand, pulls you out of deep water, rescues you….and that’s just the sweet beginning…the adventure goes on and on…

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