Plant Seeds of Significance

I finally watched the movie Wonder last night.  It was a good movie about a young boy born with a genetic issue that caused significant facial deformities. August “Auggie” must navigate the pains of being rejected, insulted, teased, bullied and ignored as he makes the transition from being homeschooled to attending middle school.  The story also gives the audience a glimpse into the lives of several of the other characters and we get to see the story through their perspectives as well.

The part of the story that seemed to resonate most with me was when Auggie’s older sister experienced rejection from her best friend. I ended up pausing the movie and sharing with my teenage son a time back in 9th grade when I had to navigate through a similar hurt.  It’s amazing how deep the pain of rejection can cut us.  It’s also amazing how pains like that can fill us with a drive and a passion to fight against and do what we can to minimize such pain for others.

Pains can reveal our passion and our purpose.

On the days when I’m tempted to make my life and my work about something else…I want to remember.

How did I make the people who crossed my path today…feel?

Did I cut them down or did I lift them up?

Did I make sure the people I met today felt seen, accepted, and included?

Did I make sure they left this place feeling assured that this was a safe place…that this was one place where they are welcome, where they belong, and where they are loved?

Did I leave another scar on their wounded soul or did I plant seeds of significance and beauty?

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