Pulling Up the Blind

I’ve noticed a lot of reminders over the past few days of the preciousness of life and time.

  • A neighbor who I couldn’t reach and for the briefest of moments I thought that maybe she was in need of medical attention. (Yes, my mind tends to jump immediately to worse case scenarios.) When I discovered she was fine, my racing heart rejoiced. I held back tears and breathed a sigh of relief.
  • A family member with a health diagnosis filled with so much pain and uncertainty.
  • Words from Eugene Peterson about a lady he knew when he was 10 years old who never “pulled the blinds” up on her life but rather spent her days tucked away in a dark house waiting for the end times. Eugene dreamed of a do-over with the lady…taking her by the hand and showing her the extraordinary, breathtaking beauty just beyond her blinds.
  • A coworker and his family who have decided to downsize, to sell all their possessions, buy an RV, and live on the road.
  • The death of author, Rachel Held Evans, who took others along on her faith journey, wrestled openly with her doubts, and received lots of backlash from other Christians who disagreed with her. She was a wife and a 37 year old mother of two young kids. She died after a bad reaction to an antibiotic. Her last public words expressed lighthearted disappointment that she would have to miss a tv show while in the hospital receiving treatment.
  • It’s also the month of May, which personally holds so many reminders for me of the preciousness of life and time. Mother’s Day, my mom’s birthday (gone now nearly 28 years), the anniversary of my dad’s life-changing stroke (gone now nearly 3 years).

As I’ve been reflecting on these things, I can’t help but get the sense that they all add up to a bigger lesson than just the one I can see on the surface. It’s as if there’s this blind over my own heart and I’m trying to lift it up so His light can reveal what to do with all the lessons.

Recognizing that life is short and time is precious is only the first step. I can recognize it all day long…but it’s what I do with this realization that matters most.

I think of the words of a Mumford & Sons song “where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

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