It’s raining here today. It’s dreary out and it’s cold. My mind has been filled with rain songs this morning…praising God in the midst of the rain. It’s that point in our trials when we come face to face with just how powerless we are. It’s that point when we realize that all we can do is praise God for who HE is.

Faithful, Trustworthy, Loving, Sovereign

As much as I don’t like rain, I sometimes need it. I need to be reminded of my need for Him. I need to be reminded that there are no substitutes for Him in my life. Unfortunately, it’s often a lesson I can only learn while standing in the rain.

6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Kandi

    We got hit with the blizzard of all blizzards on Tuesday, I opened my garage door and before was a waist high snow bank. I sat down and cried having no idea how I was going to get myself out of it. Next thing I know my neighbor whom I have never spoken to before drives by on his tractor and had my driveway cleaned up in no time. I thanked them profusely and then prayed for God to bless them, it takes a good rain or blizzard in my case to remind me of my aboslute powerlessness without Him.

  2. Eileen

    Great comments. The rainy seasons in our life hold so many lessons for us.

    Kandi, so glad a helpful neighbor came along (our little bit of rain was nothing compared to what you all got)

    Frogsview, that rain song did not come to mind yesterday but it is also one of my favorites! It will be the rain song on my brain today 🙂


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