Remaining Suspicious


This morning I found myself reading Acts 10 and the account of Peter meeting Cornelius. I’ve written about this encounter before. It’s when Jesus brings a devout Jewish man and a Gentile man together through visions. The Lord speaks to each of them separately, revealing to them His Truth. The two men obey the messages the Lord sends to them and through this obedience their eyes are open to more Truth. I love this story. I love how it’s such a beautiful example of how seeking Jesus with all our hearts will often lead us down roads we never thought we would walk down.

I wonder how often Peter or Cornelius would think back on this moment in time whenever circumstances or seasons along the road became overwhelming? I wonder how often this moment reassured them whenever they were tempted to ask the question we all ask from time to time: “God, what are you doing?”

It reminds me of a quote I love from Margaret Feinberg. “Remain suspicious that God is up to something good.”

This story also reminded me of the encounter between Paul and Ananias shortly after Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus (Acts 9). Ananias questioned the vision he had from the Lord. Rightly so, too. Why would you want me to go and meet with a man who has a reputation for killing people like me?  How often do you think this moment in time encouraged Ananias and Paul when life and circumstances prompted them to doubt God’s sovereignty? How often did it remind them that God’s plan is bigger than anything they could possibly think or imagine? (Ephesians 3:20)

The last thing that came to mind was a book I read a year or so ago by Nabeel Qureshi called Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus   It prompted me to watch Nabeel’s testimony again and how his whole-hearted search for Truth led him to the cross. Take a few minutes to watch. It’s powerful.

I love this story because, again, it shows that God’s ways are not our ways. When we choose to grab hold of His hand and allow Him to lead us…the road will often go down a path we NEVER thought we would walk down. Yet when we look back…we wouldn’t want it any other way because that road led straight to the freedom our hearts were desperately searching for.

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