Reserved for me

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I am grateful for my mistakes. Grateful they led me here. Grateful that God was capable of taking the wreckage called my past and making it beautiful today. He carefully worked and continues to work on every single detail, every single flaw.

He tweaks me, molds me, shapes me, disciplines me, redirects me.

I am grateful for my husband and his response to me ten years ago when we first started dating.

I am sorry that I come with so much baggage.

What do you mean? It’s only baggage if you carry it around.

I am grateful for the cross and the space at the foot of it reserved for me and all my baggage. One by one, I put them down. I never need to pick them up again.


15 thoughts on “Reserved for me

  1. Hannah Ruth

    Grateful for the cross…and a place to leave our baggage. 🙂 Like that. Sometimes some of the baggage still stay with us for a long time though…and sometimes I don't know how to get rid of it.

  2. Eileen

    Hannah, thanks for stopping by! Yep, it's sometimes a hard process. I think I was able to forgive others easier than I was able to forgive myself. I was so hard on myself. I've learned to trust God's grace and His forgiveness. He promises to take our mistakes and not hold them against us. He forgets all about them and offers us love. We can claim this for ourselves.

  3. Allison

    I saw your post on the She Speaks FB page- I forgot you were coming! Me too! I can't wait to meet the Scenic Route face to face!!
    I am grateful for all He does for me even when I can't see it 🙂

  4. Jen

    The husbands that can deal with the baggage are definitely the "keepers". Amazing how living by God's word can help the baggage be left behind.

  5. Kandi

    I think we could all learn a little soemthing from your husband, to look past baggage to see the person, and his advice is so profound, it is only baggage if we carry it with us. We all make mistakes in this life, some us more than others but it only controls us as much as we let it control us.

    Blessings to you Eileen, and have a great weekend.

  6. Lisa

    I love this Eileen! What you husband said is so profound – it's only baggage if we carry it around. God doesn't want us to carry it. Like you said, He has room at the foot of the cross. We can leave it all there and walk away, knowing it's covered under His blood. Amazing!
    Many blessings, Eileen!

  7. My daily walk in His grace!

    Hi Eileen. Lovely post. I love that you say you are grateful for your mistakes. And I love the picture – taking the baggage to the cross. Excellent.
    God bless

  8. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    So much to be grateful for Eileen… And even though I've never met your husband, I like him already. 🙂

    Have a Blessed Weekend Eileen!!!

  9. Tiffini


    He carefully worked and continues to work on every single detail, every single flaw.
    is what I love about Jesus. At my salvation I was free, forgiven etc but the gospel continues daily to set me free from bondage – heals me – Jesus just continues – when we are willingly – to change us more and more into His likeness! Oh give me a willing heart today…

  10. Caroline

    Great, great five minute post. Yes, yes to this: "Grateful that God was capable of taking the wreckage called my past and making it beautiful today." God is mighty and we are grateful!


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