Restore To Me

I love this song. It’s been one of my favorites for a long time now. The verses in the song can be found in Psalm 51, which is the Psalm David wrote after committing adultery with Bathsheba. When I listen to this song, I often close my eyes and it becomes a prayer of thanksgiving.

We may or may not be able to relate to David’s specific sin but we can all relate to those times in our life when we’ve found ourselves overwhelmed with our own failures and our own mistakes. If you are living and breathing and walking this earth, then more than likely, there have been seasons in your life when you have needed serious rescuing…when you have cried out to Him for mercy and forgiveness.

I listen to this song and think of those times in my own life when I’ve tearfully made my way back to Him. His response is always the same… amazing grace and complete restoration.

I can’t think of a better reason to be joyful today!

2 thoughts on “Restore To Me

  1. frogsview

    Great song, great scripture.

    In my own scripture reading routine, I come across this one on the 21st of each month..

  2. Fields of gold

    Absolutely beautiful! I can feel the Holy Spirit beckoning me to ask Him to 'restore me' as I read you words. Thanks for posting!


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