Rivers of Java, Pancakes, & Familiar Faces

I pulled into my driveway this morning shortly before 1:00am. Last night I had the pleasure and the honor of attending my first ever book launch party! I was invited to celebrate the release of The In-Between written by Jeff Goins.


Attending the event required me to leave N Georgia yesterday afternoon and head to the Nashville, TN area. Since moving to this area a couple of months ago, this was my first opportunity to venture up I-24 on the stretch of highway between Chattanooga and Nashville.

When I woke up this morning, you know what I remember most about that drive between two places on the map?  I mean, other than the spectacular mountains my car drove over.

I remember the small green sign I drove by on the side of the interstate (both coming and going) that read…

Coffee Co.

Coffee County!?  I want to live in Coffee County! 

This morning I Googled the county and apparently it did not acquire the cool name because this particular stretch of land happens to contain waterfalls that rain coffee beans or rivers brimming over with java.  No, it was named after a famous General from the War of 1812. That’s cool too. But who says a girl can’t dream about living in a county filled with free-flowing liquid manna from heaven.

Anyway, I thought it appropriate that yesterday before heading to last night’s event I came across a couple of great signs while showing my out-of-town friend Michelle around my new small town of Ringgold. I liked this first one so much that I decided to buy it and find a place for it on a wall in my new house.



Last night was a beautiful night of celebrating the release of a beautiful book. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you can do so HERE.  Jeff is offering lots of free goodies if you order your copy by August 10.

My favorite part about last night (other than the pancakes) was being able to finally meet in person so many familiar internet faces!  Those little moments were indeed special…even more special than driving through Coffee County!  😉

16 thoughts on “Rivers of Java, Pancakes, & Familiar Faces

  1. Ken Hagerman

    Coffee county indeed. That sounded fun. I am going to be in the US for a couple of months soon and I hope to catch a few internet friends while we’re there. I’ve already got my ticket to the Bloggers Meet Up in Atlanta.

  2. Stan Stinson

    Eileen – your Coffee County comment caught my eye as I live in Coffee County in Alabama. I don’t think ours was named for the beverage either but we do have a Boll Weevil Monument in the center of our town, Enterprise, where I live. I am glad you got to go and meet Jeff and others last night. It sounds like it was a blast.

    I do have a question about your blog. It looks like you are using the same theme I am. How do you get the FOLLOW ON TWITTER to show? I think I have that in my gravatar but it does not show on my main page. Any direction you can give me there would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great day!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Stan, I’m jealous that you live in Coffee County! I will have to try to remember how I put the Follow on Twitter. I might have just googled it and found it that way. That’s how I figure out most things. 🙂

  3. Indy Ink

    I’m jealous of you for getting to meet some fellow STARTers. And that stretch between Nashvegas and Chattanooga is a pretty one. One time I stopped at the Holocaust Memorial in Whitwell and took pictures. All kinds of interesting roadside stuff.

  4. Mike Gothard

    What a great trip! Remind me to tell you about going down the back side of Monteagle Mountain in my ’67 VW without brakes 🙂


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