Romancing the Heart of Stone

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There are days when I sit down to write a post and I wonder if I should change the name of my blog to The Scenic Song.  Song lyrics tend to be a popular starting point for so many of the stories and thoughts I end up sharing here.

Most recently, it was the song Second Chance by Rend Collective Experiment.  It began to play while…you guessed it…I was out on my run yesterday morning.  A single word from the song captured the attention of my heart and mind: Romance

Beauty awakens by romance

I thought about how God’s pursuit of us really is a journey of our eyes and heart being awakened to the beauty and presence of Him in our lives.  The next thought I had as I ran along was the name of a popular movie from the 80s Romancing the Stone. Then, my mind edited the title to Romancing the Heart of Stone.  I smiled as I thought more about this new movie title.  I think it could be a good description for many of the journeys we each must take with the God who loves us.  He romances the heart of stone…chipping away at it little by little, polishing down the rough and jagged parts, and finally…beauty.

Today, I am thankful for the countless chances I (we) are given.  I am thankful for the grace that makes all those chances even possible.  I’m thankful He doesn’t give up on our hardened, distant or questioning hearts.  He sees our potential. He see’s our worth, and He romances us until our hearts begin to see glimpses of it too.

3 thoughts on “Romancing the Heart of Stone

  1. Chris Monahan

    I have a strong tendency not to give myself second chances, so it’s wonderful that the Lord does.
    Eventually I (usually) DO forgive myself. Thank you Jesus for being SO much smarter than me and seeing the WHOLE picture.
    Thank you Eileen for an important reminder on this crucial aspect of our relationship with God.

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